Sunday, January 21, 2007

Farewell Freedom Tour 07 Concludes

I am back on good, solid British soil after my sojourn to Massachusetts. Who can say I didn't have a good time? Not me! I got to tell some excellent lies in support of a surprise party, while the freakishly clement weather meant that I never had to fall over onto an icy pavement. I was disappointed not to experience the vicious cold and snow that I'm used to, but comforted by my lack of the habitual bruises. O treacherous "side-o-walk"!

In the meantime Britain was almost wholly destroyed by storms. I mean it. On the way back from the airport, I had to drive around a small tree branch and an upturned traffic cone. This was but the tip of a stormy iceberg. I was disappointed to find that my house had not been wholly destroyed, thereby freeing me from life in Oldham (presumably into a new life as a nomad). Thus I must divert my energies to further renovation.

In service of such tasks it becomes necessary to create new Scary Go Round items. I figure if I screw up my eyes very tightly, even in my jet-lagged state I can imagine a new picture print for sale. But here is the question: A3 like the Esther print, or A2 like the Shelley? Small, or big? And does the prospect of an ultra-luxury short-run option on canvas appeal to the monied section of the readership? There are comments for a reason! Feel free to tote "opinion".


Marianne said...

Actually, I'd really, really love a water colour - similar to the ones you had for MoCCA.
Or perhaps a large-ish sketch à la Scare-o-deleria style.

Tom Meade said...


Roksx said...

Canvas! and make the character big, I did not buy the previous ones because:
a) no canvas
b) character was too small

I did buy an Evangelion Rei and a Serial Experiments Lain wallscroll because of the same reasons. Cool chicks big on canvas!
..though in the end it's your decision ofcourse.

Laura said...

I would def love a canvas one! I liked the A2 purely because I found the other one harder to find a frame for (still not framed as the evil framing people suggesting trimming off a bit so I wouldn't trust them with it!)

John A said...

Laura: do frames in all standard paper sizes - up to A1! Their site is a bit crummy but I found them quick, cheap and helpful. I got a load of nice A3 frames for prints from them (though of course there is no room for a matte board in there).

Sarah said...

i would enjoy a series of something like 3 thematically (or color-wise) related prints that would be small enough to economically frame and put up in my living room with all the other real artists' works that i am slowly collecting. i wouldnt even care if it was scary-go-round, as long as it was John Allison original stylez. watercolors reproduce very nicely when done on the right papers, or anything with a handmade feel to it would be great. the vectors, while always well-done, have never felt even close to the level of any of your handdrawn work.

ClappitySwoosh said...

Big is most definitely preferable!

I know it's sort of cheesy, but a cast poster would be really cool. Like, a big ol' poster with everyone on it. I would display that on my wall - prominently!