Thursday, August 03, 2006

The internet: a place you'd apparently choose to read a "rant".

I spent this morning tinkering with my letterpressed card, a luxury item intended for sale in the autumn months. I thought you might like to look at the progress so far. I may fill it up with interminable curlicues or just leave it as it is.

After I drew this, I worried that it might look a bit like the 2003 tea-towel. So I dug it out, and did I ever get a surprise.

I think I've got a bit better at drawing!


Roman said...

Yes. Yes you have (gotten better at drawing, that is). Your humor is, as always, at a high level - the flower is sniffing back at Shelley, awww.

Miiilo said...

Some day they'll make 'whistling socks' which make matching them easier because each sock screams louder when in closer proximity to its mate. The only downside is when you are wearing them and walking.

The design looks great, btw.

soda! said...

that is ADORABLE. i'm excited for all the amped-up curlicues and bright happy colors that are still to come! i might even just print this raw copy as is and color it in, for fun.

ooh, that'd be a superrr idea for your next novelty shopthings! coloring books. i'd buy ten and twenty for my little cousins, the ones that are good and prefer creative pursuits to killing people in videogames.

MWBLesq said...

Is The Boy in love with Esther yet? And if not, WHY NOT?

Murray said...

The thing about continuing to practice a skill like drawing is that you get better at it.

This is a principle that does not cease to amaze me.

Jim said...

Aye. You have (from someone who's been following since the days of Bobbins).

And ye gods... Esther in tank-top with bat-on-the-butt panties. How can The Boy sleep?

Jay said...

Just wanted to say that I love the new banner! Any plans to put it on a black t-shirt, by chance?

MWBLesq said...

Umm, I'm not sure why I did this but I think it could be because I am a teensy-bit in love with your artwork...

MWBLesq said...

Ouch, that didn't seem to work good =(

Well, I put it over here if folks wanna be bothered doing a copy and paste. Yeesh, I am an interwub nub.

Christophe said...


You got better.

I've been away but might I just add upon reviewing the weeks worth of Scary Go Round I missed, that the grayscale-ish caravan scene with Esther and the boy might be my very favourite thing you have done.


Kudos to you Sir.


By the way, how can anyone else stand the tension?

- Ryan missing?
- Tim in exile?
- The Boy & Esther trapped in a caravan in Wales!

Never has the Scary Go Round universe seemed more topsy turvy!

Liam said...

Your art has definatly improved.
And I doubt I even spelt definatly right.
Either way, I cant wait to see it finished!

J.Pading said...

I actually like your hand-drawin' more than the AI stuff. I used to hate on it, now I digs on it.