Tuesday, October 18, 2005


I've got an ad in the next issue of legendary alternative comic Love and Rockets. It's hard to be a huckster for yourself when you're not given to the art. Fortunately, following some consultation with a close ally, a compromise was reached.


Roman said...

Oh wow. Might I recommend an extra blurb about how Scary Go Round "increases vitality and gets the humours flowing again!"

Eric said...


Well done. Sad that you couldn't use color in the ad as your color adds a lot to the story and the look. I'm a huge fan and plan on copying you until I become you.

Bwah ah hah aHA ha hA ha ha!



Rachel said...

That same little churchy building in the background keeps showing up everywhere. Now that you've pointed it out I can't stop noticing it.

Marcin said...

Love & Rockets is still running?? I need to find a shop that will sell it to me so I can blow my food budget!

Corwin said...

I don't suppose it would be out of the question to ask for that in some sort of easy to print nicely .pdf or some such, would it? I should like to print myself out a copy and put it on my wall.

John A said...

It's a really big file, Corwin, I'd rather not have it available for download. My best advice is to buy the comic it's in and cut it out - I'll let you know when it comes out.

Rachel, I only thought to use that church because I wrote about it in the tutorial! Now it is an albatross.

Eric, no one would want to be me, unless they were crazy.

Roman, I cannot amend the text after the half hour of kerning it took to get it just-so.

Marcin, it is published by Fantagraphics so I guess you can blow your food budget right now!

Ella said...

awesomeness personified!
my life is completely controlled by l&r right now, writing a massive research paper on los bros, so this just seem like fate or something.

Didn't Bleed Red said...

I'd buy that for a dollar.

marco said...

you sure have taste john :)

michael said...

Lovely, sir. Just lovely. Hope it brings your wonderful burblings to a bigger audience who will in turn buy loads of SGR stuff, forcing a reprint of the first collection.

(sorry, I'm new and that.)

But is is splendid.

Oh, and happy birthday!

swtg said...

Happy birthday?

It is too bad that the ginger ninja has once again met Misfortune.


Jenna said...

Ahh yes, Happy Birthday!

Eric said...

If it is YOUR birthday - then shall it be MY birthday too!

Bwahaha AHAH HAh ahahah HA HA


Abbey said...

Shelley looks very stern in the ad, in a very good way. It's very fabulous.

Oh, and happy birthday Mr. John Allison!