Thursday, May 26, 2011

Here's what I'll be doing at MCM Expo

I'm exhibiting at MCM Expo in London this weekend, and it's a funny old show. So I have a new feature: GO MANGA. Perhaps there are some clues to what I am up to in the image below:

Pick three cards at random and I will draw you as an ultimate manga king or queen based on those three characteristics. If anyone wants to add to my list of three-word-max criteria, please feel free to add your suggestion in the comments. So far I have:

Robot armour
Stupid cute sidekick
Weird eye thing
Huge boots
Totally dreamy
Big hair
Oversized dangerous weapon
Air of mystery

I'll have a couple of books for sale and some stickers and badges, but this time I'm here to meet people and draw. So please come and say hello!


foofly said...

Panty shot

the erudite baboon said...


ingratiated said...

enormous mouth

freeboprich said...

- Surly gaze
- facial scar
- Embarrassment sweat-droplet
- Inexplicable robotic implant
- Inexplicable steampunk goggles

Ben said...

Sakura Blossoms

K said...

Unnecessary goggles?

K said...

Oh, someone had those already. Oops.

Chris said...

Wizened old midget guy.

Noc said...

- Speed ;ines!
- Power-up flames
- Buckles and belts
- More buckles and belts
- Gratuitous buckles and belts
- Huge Gloves
- "Stylishly Impractical" clothing
- Cuffs without sleeves
- Unnecessary asymmetry
- Floaty Runes
- Energy Ball
- Glowy Amulet
- Heroic Determined Glare
- Industrial-strength Doe Eyes
- Steely Aloofness
- "Endearing" hostility

(Note: Some of the above entries are 3 1/2 words. But we're all "down-rounders" here, right?


K said...




Wish I could be there but alas, work calls (and I can't even send my apparently suspicious-looking boyfriend to ask for dirty pictures this time...)

K xx