Sunday, January 23, 2011

New links, new danger

I often fear that I neglect my blog these days, we get a little rush of activity, but then my interest is diverted to Twitter or Flickr or all the other places you can issue forth a swiftly-forgotten memorandum. I rather like how information soon dies on Twitter, I can stamp my foot about some terrible abuse of the English language and a day or so later, it's like it almost never happened. The human dream writ large.

I've added some new links to my blog list on the right, great artists whose work will enhance your day.

Dan Berry - Dan runs a great comics blog called the Comics Bureau, full of interviews and pointers to fine work. He is also one of the the most disciplined artists I have met; in the couple of years I have known him, his comics artwork has improved to an amazing extent, there are good things to come from "Dan Berry Wine".

Warwick Johnson Cadwell - I'm sure I've written about Warwick before, he's a stellar illustrator who literally never stops, despite working a variety of jobs and attending to his young family. He makes the rest of us look weak-limbed and shabby.

Eric Colossal - Eric makes games, but he also makes comics sometimes, and what comics! He has a great, expressive line and is a very funny writer.

Steffi Schütze - Steffi works primarily in fashion illustration, often with her partner Christian Nauck, but her blog is full of process work that I find fascinating. She also links to a lot of high-end fashion photography that I doubt I would ever see otherwise.


Stephanie said...

It looks damn good, John. Damn good.

flamepitbaby said...

Thanks for the links. Something useful for me to do whilst procrastinating. Also, I ordered a poster from you and received it last week, and this is a belated thank you for the inclusion of a little wendingo drawing that both surprised and delighted me!