Thursday, November 04, 2010

New England Webcomics Weekend 2

I am currently in the USA, priming myself for a train trip to Western Massachusetts for New England Webcomics Weekend! On Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th of November I will be selling my wares at Easthampton Eastworks. Tickets are still available on the door for local types and it should be a splendid time. On Sunday you can look forward to Christopher Hastings taking me on, Frost-Nixon style, in a head to head interview of a sort previously unseen at ANY EVENT.

I will have a variety of red hot items for sale, including a few show-exclusive items

* A B&W collection of all the Bad Machinery comics so far called "A Feral Flag Will Fly", in a nice big format (NEWW and Thought Bubble shows only)

* My Dr Who & Amy Pond prints (I have 20, so apply early)

* Buttons & Stickers

* All the Scary Go Round book collections

* Fixed-price postcards

* Lady Gaga and We Will Do Our Best posters

* A selection of tshirts available in the "Dumbrella Apparel Zone" and the "Topatoco Clearance Area"

I hope to see a few of you there!


Timo said...

Will there be a video or transcript or something of the interview? I imagine this to be great, one of my webcomic heroes interviewing another one! I'd love to come, but it's approx. 6000 kilometers too far away...

M said...

Sorry about the airport

K said...

I was GOING to say that Giant Days is wonderful, and I can smell the scent of discos in the JCR from here...

But I have been rendered incoherent by the Doctor Who and Amy print. Want! Need! Am not in New England! Waah!

Nicolas said...

Agh. I wish I lived in the first world. Not for the economic stability or the tasty candy, but for the webcomic shows.


Rob E said...

John, GIANT days is the best.
That is all.

Nicolas said...

I need to add that I'm loving that last panel in Friday's comic.