Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Unsold bits

I have four A4 watercolour drawings unsold from the UK Webcomix Thing (how nice not to have to mention that awful nerd-baroque name again this year). They're all pictured below. Price £42 (incl. £2 shipping), please email me if you would like one and I will tell you where to pay. First come first served!

Charlotte & Shauna - SOLD - £42

Shelley Boots - SOLD - £42

Esther Prancing - SOLD - £42

Zombie Shelley - SOLD - £42


Joel said...

Looking good. I also liked the ending to this storyline, very well resolved.

I wonder if Tackleford FC scarves would sell?

Joe said...

Dear John A,

I've been reading your stuff since you were doing Bobbins, and I stayed on for Scary go Round, and here we are now, with you doing Bad Machinery, and I have to say, I really love what you're doing. While it was slow to start, and the strange children took me a while to get used, I really, really love what you've done. Congrats on being awesome, and keep up the good work!

Kathryn said...

Well done, Mr. Allison, well done.

Ki! I hope something sparks between Jack and Shauna! ^.^

I agree that it was a little slow to start, but those who hung in there were well rewarded. Once again, Bravo!

Steve Kahlich said...

Thoroughly enjoyable! Sifting through the Scary Go Round archives and then coming back to bad machinery has been a real pleasure. Keep up the droll and amusing storylines, both words and images contribute to the delightful whole!

Mike said...

Is it wrong that I find Undead Shelley more attractive than Alive Shelley?