Friday, July 20, 2007

Ever Decreasing Circles

I only read two articles on the internet today. One was an article on Entertainment Weekly's website about Achewood, by a "David Greenwald". Then this evening I went looking for information about Mount Eerie parts 6 and 7. Within seconds I was reading a review of a gig by "David Greenwald".

Does David Greenwald control the internet? Have this man's entertainment tentacles penetrated every corner of my media life? I can only imagine that upon landing in California next week, Mr David Greenwald will be lying in wait with a pearl handled pistol in his hand.

What is his game? And WHY? Will I live long enough to find out?


Tomato said...

Don't you worry Mr. Allison, Canada will dispatch some Ninja Beavers to protect you.

You likely won't see them directly, maybe a squat shadow here or there. But can rest easy knowing that the Ninja Beavers will keep you protected from Mr. Greenwald's diabolical plans.

Dave Rawkblog said...

I'm actually in New York right now.

John A said...

Dear David Greenwald

I have enormous respect for both your writing and your ability to predict what I would like to read about. It's comforting to know that somewhere in the world is a man who gives the same, equal, weight to Onstad and Elverum as I do.

May you roll ever onwards, sir, like a big shoe with its lights on.

Yours sincerely
John Allison
of ""

Dave Rawkblog said...

Well thank you very much! :)