Saturday, December 09, 2006


I think you, as a Scary Go Round reader, will enjoy Sophie Swanson, Titular Heroine. It is a short film specially designed to delight.


rob said...

If the reader would investigate the timecode of about :30, one might notice that a were-rock which MYSTERIOUSLY LOOKS LIKE AMY appears in the window.

I'm just saying.

Toby said...

While assessing the asserted appearance of the were-rock in the window at 0:30, I was struck upon reflection. Any film, animated or otherwise, which has the genius to call the coffee shop the "Jaded Old Crone" deserves the highest commendations, although to be honest I have no idea why. That is the thing about genius. It should be hard to understand.

michael said...

Thanks for the link mate
Passed it on to some haiku
LOvers that I know