Thursday, October 26, 2006

Oh do calm down Placidus

That rather mean spirited post below has been top of the blogs here for ages - to my shame. I was busy with the business of turning 30 and could not post a more positive note with which to replace it. But now I am 30 and cool heads prevail. I did not go through with my plan to put myself into residential care and see out my salad days eating apple sauce, mostly because I was told that my arms would soon atrophy and I wouldn't be able to use a zimmer frame after two months! But I did eat some apple sauce (just to see what it's like).

I hope I will see some of the people who read these posts at the Lancaster Comics Festival. I will be driving there in my car, so if I don't make it, it is pretty certain that I accidentally drove into Morecambe Bay and drowned.


the erudite baboon said...

I'll be getting the train from your place then.

Anonymous said...

Hey- did you just tell us what you had for dinner despite your tagline?

Wood said...

happy birthday !

Centipede Damascus said...

I love apple sauce! Especially with cinnamon.

Liam said...

I saw you there John. I was the gentleman in the Taxi Driver tshirt (I use this as a description as by your comment, I assume it did not sell well...) At least I did not wear my Tea t-shirt, that would have been devastatingly embarassing.

I had planned to be chatty and upbeat! But was kept back with a horrible sore throat, and thus relied upon murmurings between grimaces.

Even so, you are a nice man in person also, and that is a good thing that I learnt. And worth the trek from the town up up up up that hill.